Monday, January 30, 2006

The World of Food

Growing up in Frayser was about as country as country could get. It was years before being annexed to Memphis and was a very ruel area. We even lived on a pig and goat farm (presently Chandler Street). So our food was typical country, mostly beans, cornbread and other Southern fixings. We never ventured out to Memphis restaurants other than hamburgers or cafes with southern home cooked plate lunches were severed. I had no Idea about other type foods (Chinese, Italian, Mexican, coastal sea food, etc.). I thought everybody ate like we did; be it cornbread, blackeye peas, purple hull peas, great northern beans, pinto beans, lima beans, butter beans, turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, okra, buttermilk biscuits & gravy, turkey & cornbread dressing, fried chicken, southern sausage patties (with sage), grits, and of course southern pork bar-b-q.

When I got drafted, the world of food opened up. I was 20 years old before I had my 1st pizza. It was in Denver, CO. where I was stationed at Lowry ARB for Technical school. I remember seeing a truck coming around to the barracks delivering something in a flat box. I remember thinking, "What in the world is that thing?" on further investigation, it was not only flat but round! Of course, I had to try one and have been eating Pizza every since.

I didn't eat Chinese food until I ate it in Thailand. Of course, I didn't know what I was eating but liked it. Now, I try to eat at a Chinese buffet about once a week.

My experience with shrimp was much like the pizza. My first time eating it was in Ft Walton Beach, FL when I was stationed at Eglin AFB. I use to hang out at the NCO Club and heard about shrimp there. I asked, "Where do you get it?" With such a question, they knew I was a newbie. So, they directed be to an Oyster Bar down by the beach. I did have a few drinks before I went there alone which proved to be disastrous. I remember ordering peal-um and eat-um shrimp. But, no one told me to pill them and I ate the whole plate with the shells still on them. I did get sick and it was a long time before I ate them again. But today, Peal-um and eat-um shrimp is my favorite sea food. And Yes, I do peel them!

It's funny how Cracker Barrel restaurants have sprung up around the county and in Canada. I guess if us Southerns can import food, we certainly can export it.
Yes, children are the products of their environment and become locked in their food selection until they grow up and experience what the world has to offer in foods, I certainly did and what wonderful tastes?

Pictured below is my grandson Nick when he was a baby. I was force feeding him grits at a area southern restaurant called Shoneys. He is now 14 years old, lives in Jacksonville, FL and eats grits every morning.
(*Photo taken in 1991)

Pictured below is a hungry bunch for sure. L-R: James, Mom, John, Michael, Sandy, Bobby and Gene. (*Photo taken in 1955).

And the tradition goes on with the next generation,a eating gathering at Grandma's house. Picured below L-R: are Mom, Sherry, Mandy, step father Don, Gail, Michael, Dylon, Zack, Jacob, Chris and Robby.
(*Photo taken in 1996)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

A True Fishing Story

Sounds Fishy to me?
During a 2002 Jam Magazine Interview, Bobby was asked this question:

Being from Tennessee, do you enjoy fishing?

No, not at all Bobby replied! I've never caught a fish. I have never gone fishing but once. Oh I've gone boating any number of times, both in streams and rivers and in the ocean, but I've never caught anything. (at least not a fish) And that really doesn't bother me. I love boats, love the water, I just never saw the attraction of sitting there, holding a rod and reel, and hoping that a fish would come by and mistake some sort of gaudy plastic lure for its lunch. No, I much prefer my fish to come in those little pretty plastic containers at the grocery store.

Now for the rest of the story...
People who do love fishing are very passionate about it. And what could be a more perfect than one about fishing. But this is a story about Bobby Sowell, so you know that it won't be exactly what you might expect. Anyway here is a true fishing story unlike you never heard before.

It was the year 1970 and Bobby was at home on military leave in Memphis after a tour of duty in Vietnam. His long time childhood friend Gene Taylor kept bugging Bobby to go fishing out on McKellar Lake. After using every kind of excuse for not wanting to go, and the enticement of plenty of cold beer, Bobby finally agreed to go fishing.

They were out on the lake about an hour. Gene was really getting into the fishing. Bobby being board and drinking the cold beer picked up the binoculars and started checking out the lake from far and near. All of a sudden he spotted something black floating in the water. He told Gene, "let's go check it out!" They pulled alone side of the object to discover that it was a saxophone case. So, Bobby picked the case up, opened it and found a beautiful Alto saxophone. The case was air tight and did not damage the sax. They figured that it was thrown overboard from a Mississippi River boat. It had no markings on it. So, what's the point of this story you ask? Well the only time that Bobby went fishing, he caught a 10 LB saxophone! What a unique fishing story!

Saxophone Update...
Bobby took that sax to Florida with him where he was stationed and began playing it. After a lot of practice, he got to be pretty good at it. He had played the sax (1st chair) in the High School Band. However, after a drunken spree and an argument with his 1st wife, she sold it for $100.00 without Bobby knowing it and that ended his saxophone playing ambitions! She had also chopped up his guitar into tiny pieces and buried it in the backyard. He returned to his first love, the piano (too big to bury). Bobby did get another wife but he never picked up another saxophone or fishing rod.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ronald Reagon and Rockabilly?

Rockabilly music is now more Internationally popular than it was in the 1950's, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Why? After doing extensive research backed up with my own gut feeling and personal Interest, I came up with the following explanation.

When the Berlin wall came down in 1988, the eastern block counties were In a transition period of becoming free societies and being bombarded with Introduction to western culture. Although Rockabilly and early Rock n Roll has been around for 40 plus years, the youth of the oppressed communist countries were forbidden to openly listen to any pro-western music. As they gained their individual liberties and freedom along with wanting blue jeans, they discovered Rockabilly. Which was as fresh to them as it was to the western youth in 1950's. Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and early Rock n Roll is very popular and all pro-western music from the Beatles to 60's Rock is gaining interest too.

So, what does all this mean? It means new young emerging Russian and Eastern European Rockabilly artist are recording and selling rockabilly music to their new found crazy teenagers. Their youth are buying up rockabilly merchandise, American bands and artist are sought for touring, and their radio stations are playing anything 'American' Rockabilly. Remember, they are 40 years behind us in pop music.

Besides Eastern Europe, Rockabilly popularity is also growing in liberated Asian Countries as well as in China partly thanks to the Internet. Kids in Asia who can afford to have a computer and are connected to the web also buys 'American Music' along with their blue jeans.

In youth, their seems to be a coalition between Individual liberties and musical expressions, especially other than traditional classical, which could be seen as a form of discipline.

Being a musician, I find this to be truly amazing and may pursue the possibility of touring in Eastern Europe. There should be penty of Memphis musicians who would sign on for just an adventure.

This past year, I have experienced an Increase in my site visitors from these mentioned countries who are hungry for 'Rockabilly' music.

You can thank President Ronald Reagon for tearing down the 'Wall', for getting it all started and the music pumping once again. Keep on rocking, all yall International worldly hip cats! As Elvis would say, "Thank you, thank you very much".

Below, Bobby Playing Rockabilly
(*Vintage 1971 Photo)

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Is liberalism a mental disorder?

A Mental Disorder?
Is liberalism a mental disorder? The recent Tennessee FBI sting, "Tennessee Waltz" and the Ford family on going conserversy along with the national democratic party constant undermining the war efforts makes one wonder, it constantly reminds us of the importance of connecting the dots in fighting the War on Terror. Now, watch the new TV ad that exposes Harry Reid and the Democrats for their attempts to weaken the PATRIOT Act, an essential tool in America's arsenal to fight the War on Terror.
Watch the video, and you'll see Harry Reid bragging that "we killed the PATRIOT Act."

Here's what Reid is proud of: Trying to kill a vital law that breaks down the wall between intelligence and law enforcement, and makes it easier to prevent and detect attacks on America. Reid's boast shows how reckless the Democrats have become when it comes to safeguarding America.

The ad will also appear on national cable TV, and in Reid's home state of Nevada. When Democrats brag about undermining an important part of the War on Terror, we hold them accountable. You can too - by
Watching the video,and forwarding it to all your friends.

What Part of B&W?

HOLY BIBLE: What Part of Black & White Don't You Understand?
Marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman ONLY. That is what the vast majority of Americans believe. Don't forget our heritage and values. And the one who has blessed this country. GOD!! and the one who could very well forget us!! The last presidental election proved that the average American refused to be mislead by John Kerry and the liberal democrats! America's very existence was at steak! Don't forget that it was Bill Clinton who allowed Gays to enter the Military and he was considered a moderate Democrat? What would have the most Liberal Senator John Kerry done as President? In eleven States where the marriage definition amendment was on the ballet was passed overwhelmingly by the voters, sending a message to the gay's, being under 10% of the US population not to try and inforce their perverted views on the rest of us and their attempts to influencing law makers and liberal judges?

Now comes another attempt by the Hollywood left to influence public opinion and advance their gay agenda through motion pictures. "Brokeback Mountain" leads the Academy Awards field with eight nominations, including best picture.

Once again, what does this tell us?

General George Washington was once asked by a reporter if he thought God was on our side. His reply was, "It is not that God should be on our side, but that we be on His." What side would he think we're on in today's 21st century? Why is it that gay's being under 10% of the US population are allowed to control the rest of us and influencing law makers and even movie goers? Where do you stand?

So, what is the church's response supposed to be to homosexuals? The same as it is to liars, perjurers, fornicators, adulterers, gossips, drunks, etc. We are all sinners, and we are all in need of forgiveness. Homosexuals are not a special class of sinners. Like the rest of us, they are supposed to give up their sin and live their lives for God.

Did you know that the guy who wrote most of the New Testament was a murderer? Paul killed Christians before becoming one himself. But he confessed his sin to God, recognized that he could never be good enough to get into heaven, and asked Jesus to forgive his sins. If God will forgive a repentant murderer, I think he will forgive a repentant homosexual. But repenting means to change your mind about your sin and turn away from it, to accept what God has to say about it, and to change your actions also.

Now that I am a Christian, I still sin. So did Paul, Hopefully, I sin less; and when I do sin, I am sorry and work harder to not repeat it. So, can you be a homosexual and a Christian? Well, can you be a habitual liar and a Christian? Can you be an active murderer and a Christian?

Supportive Bible Verses

Old Testament:
'You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination'. - Leviticus 18:22

'If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.
Their blood shall be upon them'. - Leviticus 20:13

New Testament:
Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived:
neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers
nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders'. - Corinthians 6:9

What part of black and white print do liberals still not understand?
Most of them think the Holy Bible is a fairy tell any way!

Click here: Learn What the Bible say about Gays?

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Radio Show Now Airing

Independent Nation Radio Show Now Airing
Independent Nation is a radio show dedicated to showcasing Independent music. Syndicated worldwide with an estimated audience of over 2 million, the show is currently broadcast on a number of various online and on-air stations worldwide, including AM stations in the UK and Australia. The format is generally geared towards rock, however, all genres of music accepted. Artists may also be presented with on-air interview opportunities and opportunities to be included on upcoming compilation CDs. Submissions ongoing. Visit the below link: