Saturday, August 12, 2006

Karaoke Cafe

Karaoke? Well, I went. It reminded me of the "Gong Show" as most of them were want-a-be stars that would never fit in a real band but where caught up in themselves. There was even a DJ that introduced them. I'd say 80% of them are thumbs down. Mostly fat women who couldn't hold a key. The place was crowded with standing room only, I went by myself. The hamburger tasted like a hot-dog to me. Hot dogs were on the menu, they must have grilled some winnies along side my all-beef patty. Ulk! My french fries tasted good though. Was I entertained? Well, kinda. It was more like the old TV Gong Show. It would have been better if they had a big gong to hit because I would have banged the heck out of it. I would have to be drunk to make an idiot out of myself like some of them folks were doing sober? There was a few of them that could sing and of course, I picked out the best looking singing heads. There was one there who would have made a hit on the Billy Owen Show at the Strand Theater.

As I watched and evaluated the situation, Karaoke is a lot like wrestling. People get caught up in the moment both big and small, cute and ugly, young and old. They each seemed to have a following. Karaoke is an addiction. They all were rooting each other on, no matter how awful they sounded. It was a family atmosphere with children running around (they all sung too) yet, it had that strange familiar bar feel to it. A close nit group of people joined together in their addiction for that high produced by performing live on stage. Yes, there was even a fat man doing Elvis? There was one family who all of them sung, the Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma and two of their pre-teen children. There was a married couple who looked to be in their 50's, practicing their Karaoke for a cruse they are leaving out on Monday in Miami to join up with yet, more Karaokers??? The place was loud, the music was louder than some singers. I guess to drown out them who were singing off. At any rate, I had to get out of there? It was killing my ears.

The experience made me feel glad that I was a real musician and made me appreciate real bands. Over Karaoke exposure ruins any good potential singer. They get use to following the music instead of the music following them. Bad habit! I always recommend real musician accompaniment to any new comer vocalist. American Idol auditions? Na! They all should keep their day jobs.

Would I go back? YES, it's a great place to laugh!! Would I go back alone? Most likely not. I ask my cute little (singing) waitress what's the best night? She said, every night, we're packed! She did say Thursday's and Friday's were good too. I only stayed little over an hour. When I left, there were 22 people signed up to go on stage. The place is decorated like a night club with colored lights and there is even a spotlight on the singer. They all do one song at a time. There are two TV's with the words of the song being displayed. America's got talent? Well, maybe but not all that glitters is gold, especially at a Jordon's Karaoke Cafe in Bartlett this Saturday night. I need not look at it from a professional musician point of view.
I guess the point is that they all were having fun and that's the main thing!

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