Saturday, November 11, 2006

22nd Already?

Happy 22nd Birthday!

I would like to wish my youngest son Christopher, a happy 22nd birthday. When I was his age, I shipped out to the Vietnam War. I am glad he lives in freedom and don't have to fight in a war like his Dad did (no draft in Canada). All of my American born Canadian Children were born on American Holidays. Rob, Father's Day and Mandy, Memorial Day. I told the doctor when Chris was going to be born based on my two previous children. I told him Chris should be arriving on the 11th of November, Veteran's Day, (Remembrance Day in Canada). And sure enough, he was born on 11-11-04, Christopher Michael Sowell, born in Memphis, Tennessee, making this Vietnam vet a happy farther. His middle name, Michael came from his uncle Michael (my two year younger brother) who drowned at the age of 10 in 1958, one day before Easter. Chris likes to play music and is learning to play the guitar. I think he's got a keyboard too. (perhaps he has gotten musical talent from his Dad).

Chrisopher left Memphis, Tennessee when he was just under two years old and grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada along with his sister and brother, Mandy and Robby, where they all reside at now. I hope to see Chris in the near future. I will call him today later on today. Happy Birthday Chris from your Dad.

Chris was born in Memphis, Tennessee

It's Veteran's Day Too...



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