Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What is it?

Spam, what is it? Definition: Spam is any message, pop-up, ad, email or posting, regardless of it's content, that is sent to recipients who have not specifically requested it. Usually, spam comes from someone who you don't know or it could be a friend or family member but then you know how to handle them or send them a reply email to stop it. Personally, I hate them annoying popups followed by unwanted emails from places I don't even know.

Why would anyone buy something from anyone who spams them? I don't know about everyone else but I would never buy anything from spammers. Besides being annoying, in your face advertising makes me mad and for that reason alone, I would never order anything from them. It would be like going to the mall and all of a sudden, a person from Dillards runs up and screams in your face about their sale specials. I would like to know who buys stuff from spammers? Do they really? Apparently, people do or they wouldn't spam anyone. Or is it's just a ploy to get you to buy anti-spam and spyware software from Internet giants? And to make it look like a good deal when your Internet provider throws in a free spam blocker when they'er the main suspects. Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Be weary of spam notices like the one below. Most of them are dead links. Where do they get you email address? From many different sources. They buy your email address from different lists. Whenever you visit any website or page, they got you! Their new spam techniques are getting slick too. Now they can spam your guestbook and fax. Never reply to unsolicited e-mail with a "remove" request since this only validates to a spammer that your address is current.

Happy surfing!

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Blogger 68 Group said...

Bobby, just ran across your blog and it sure does bring back memories of Memphis. I drove a truck and loved getting laid over for a night in Memphis. I remember Kenny "Red" Rogers when Hernando's Hideway had a fire and he would stop by the Ramada on Brooks Rd. I can't remember the other popular honky tonk just north of Brooks Rd. but the parking lot was big enough to park a semi. I usally dropped my trailer next to Dennys and would bobtail up and down Brooks Rd. From Denny's though I would walk over to Hernando's Hideaway. Red Rogers and I sat at his bar and watched TV the afternoon after he bailed Jerry Lee out on his income tax charge. Red and I were watching to see himself on the news. Of course, the camera went by Red's face so face it was a blur almost. Red, for some reason, always would make it a point to walk up to me and say hello and always had a suit and tie on. I remember if Jerry Lee stopped by to play, it was always late.

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Blogger Bobby Sowell said...

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