Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Right Time?
I think everything in this world is based on timing and unless the timing is spent wisely, the free world will pay the consequences. Case in point being North Korea. Here we are (the US) being the only superpower in the whole world being taunted and bullied by a third world rogue state. Why? In the first place how did North Korea or any other country for that matter acquire nuclear technology? Next, will it be Iran? Didn't we have nuclear technology first? Sounds like espionage, spying and greed that is now catching up with us.

It is time to talk tough to North Korea and Iran. Western civilization cannot afford to have any one of these renegade regimes to obtain nuclear weapons. But, they are?

The US being the only Superpower must start acting like it. The bottom line is strike them before they strike us! The President needs to issue an ultimatum. Put the whole world on notice, either stop production immediately or face a nuclear strike within 24 hours that will turn their countries into parking lots where they can start over like Japan did in W.W.II.

I think if North Korea and Iran takes the warning seriously, they will comply or either face the consequences. Any collateral damage (civilian deaths) would be considered suicide by their leaders. Timing is still everything.

Hey folks, it's either us or them! Think about it.
Who's it going to be?

North Korea


Is it going be Them?
Or is it going to be Us?

United States


CNN Breaking News...
(10-15-06) Strong earthquake rumbles off Big Island of Hawaii; no tsunami warning is expected, U.S. Geological Survey reports.

Hum? Didn't Japan experience an earthquake right after North Korea launched their nuclear weapon? And wasn't it reported that North Korea launched a second nuclear missile? I wonder if there's any connection between the nuclear missile launches and the Hawaii earthquake? Makes one wonder, doesn't it?